Did Sarah Palin Do Coke Off An Oil Drum?

09.14.11 Myles Tanzer

Fox News contributor and red meat conservative Sarah Palin is about as uncool as they come. So we’re skeptical about the accusations that she sniffed lines of coke off an overturned 55-gallon oil drum with her friends after snowmobiling around Alaska — it’s just way too badass.

All of this information is from Joe McGinniss’s soon to be realeased book called The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.

The book also says that Palin has cheated on her husband twice. Once with Todd Palin’s redneck-looking friend Brad Hanson and another one with NBA all star Glen Rice.

There’s just no way these are true. It’s not believable that Palin had awesome drug benders and fucked Glen Rice before becoming the Mama Grizzly Tea Party matriarch we all hate to death. Plus anyone who’s ever read The Journalist And The Murderer knows that Joe McGinnis is a total scumbag that will do anything to sell copies of his books. Sarah Palin — you’re still not cool.