Dirty Jeff Koons, Dead Animals and Nazis Are 18+ in Canada

04.19.10 Marina Galperina

Unless you have a strong tolerance for gross/corny, looking at a plastic Jeff Koons getting nasty isn’t recommended for any age group. To see it at Canada’s National Gallery, you’ll need ID proving you’re 18 or older.

Tate Modern’s mass show “Pop Life: Art in a Material World” arrives to Ontario in June and for the first time, the museum is blocking off entire rooms deemed unsuitable for young’uns. The traveling Pop show features works by Warhol, Haring, Hirst and a few too hardcore for Canada, including Polish artist Piotr Uklanski’s Nazi uniform fetish, Andrea Fraser’s glorified sex tape and Maurizio Cattelan’s dead horse with a sign stuck in it (it’s about Jesus!). Presumably, Takashi Murakami’s anime gal with titular elephantis is also 18+.

The Minister of Canadian heritage has “no interest in seeing this exhibition” and isn’t sure that milk-spouting mammaries are family fun as “mandated.” The exhibition will cost $1.6 million to set up, which is apparently a low end budget.

The Canadian kitsch-fest will be missing a creepy photograph of a naked 10-year-old Brooke Shields vamped up in a bathtub, as it was taken down by the Gallery due to child pornography complaints.

Jeff Koons’ sex face and asshole close-ups remain. Sorry, Canada.