Dissapointments Diary Will Make Your 2013 Appropriately Miserable

10.26.12 Lily Streeter

If a stagnating economy and imminent war with Iran aren’t enough to make 2013 seem depressing as fuck, get yourself a copy of Asbury & Asbury’s “Disappointments Diary” and prepare to wallow in misery with style. Instead of flowery inspirational quotes or empty motivational adages, the pages of this planner offer a grimly pragmatic version of life (and death). Designed by Jim Sutherland at Hat-trick Design and written by Nick Asbury, the glum diary is divided into sections like “Notable Deaths” and “Onset of Night (sunset times)” and provides space for you to list your “Imaginary Friends” and “People Who Never Call.”

Asbury described his intent over to the folks at Creative Review, explaining that “There are many diaries out there designed to motivate and inspire, but there’s a certain value in a diary that grounds you and even brings you down. That in itself can be a kind of inspiration.”

Sure, why ever not? The pages of the diary even get darker and darker as the weeks pass, because apparently things will get worse, before they get worse.