Dominic Carter’s Life Continues to be the Vortex of Suck

01.11.10 Cajun Boy


Less than a week after the Post ran a somewhat sympathetic feature on wife-beating NY1 anchor Dominic Carter and his hunt for redemption, cops in Rockland County are investigating Carter, who is scheduled to be sentenced this week for his recent conviction on domestic abuse charges, for beating up his wife yet again.

The New York Post reported the following on Saturday:

Ramapo Town Police confirmed that they were probing a new matter and said they had visited the Carters’ Pomona residence yesterday.

Police refused to reveal details about the case.

Sgt. Mike Colbath said officers filed a report on the case yesterday but would not make it publicly available for several days.

Marilyn Carter, 52, denied yesterday that Dominic had assaulted her.

“It’s not true whatsoever,” said Marilyn, a college administrator.

“I just had lunch with Dominic . . . I have not filed any police report. Nothing happened last night.”

Dominic, 45, said, “There was no incident at my house” on Thursday night.

“My son and daughter are under enormous pressure from reporters asking questions,” added Dominic, who refused to explain the significance of that comment.

And then on Sunday the Post followed up their Saturday report with this:

Disgraced NY1 political anchor Dominic Carter’s latest round of wife-beating allegations came after his worried son told a high-school counselor about a bloody incident at the family home, a source told The Post.

Dominic Jr., 17, told the counselor on Friday he saw blood and a broken hanger on the floor of his older sister Courtney’s room — and the school worker immediately called cops, the source said.

Dominic Carter’s house just sounds like the most unhappy place in the world, doesn’t it?