Don Cheadle-Endorsed Indie Film Kickstarter

08.06.12 Joseph Schulhoff

A Kickstarter for a short film called “Puppy Dreams” got the celeb bump when Don Cheadle gave a rallying “Let’s go!” tweet that linked to the project’s pitch video. The short film, set to star Cheadle’s daughter Ayana as the main character, tells the story of a young girl who falls ill with mono and has to spend her whole day at home informing her friends of the infection. Teenage awkwardness ensues. When asked about the casting, the film’s writer/my sister, Alex Delyle, said, “I knew that the film would only work if we had an actress as talented as Ayana.” In terms of the plot, she adds, “I think it’s an important story because it deals with loneliness, insecurity, identity, bullying — a host of emotions and situations that we all experience growing up.” The film is being produced by Melody Rocher (Martha Marcy May Marlene) and promises to be a teenage jam for anyone who has ever been young and sickly.