Don’t Tase Me, World Peace

10.27.10 Marina Galperina

“Dude, Give Me Liberty!” says the wood duck. This is Don’t Tase Me, World Peace, a piece by illustrator and artist Anthony Freda. He scours flea markets for found objects to paint instead of using a blank canvas and when not doing Op-Ed assignments, he’s making mixed media art about the war, the system and the “patriotic” clusterfuck of our U. S. of A.

In an interview with Art Threat, Freda riffs on “the confusion between supporting our troops and supporting our war:”

Yeah, somehow it got mixed up. Like if you don’t want people to be killed for no reason then you’re un-patriotic – which is the opposite, I think. When my government lies about why they send our troops to die they’re the ones that are un-American… It was all lies, all distortion, all cynically told to manipulate people and use their patriotism against them. So like I say, torture and war just make me sick.

Check his upcoming Vegas show, his great blog and his upcoming series of dogs in burkas. It’s called Barkas. Don’t take it to seriously.