Download iHobo And Virtually Kill A Homeless Man

05.12.10 Copyranter


Or virtually care for him, your choice! You can virtually feed him, virtually put him in a sleeping bag, or virtually ignore him. It doesn’t appear though that you can virtually teach him to drum on a virtual plastic bucket so that he can then collect virtual money to virtually pay you back for your virtual kindness.

This homeless digital pet was created by Publicis London for Depaul UK, the largest charity for young homeless people in England. Boo, the app isn’t available in the US. iHobo lives on your iPhone for three days. Look after him, and he might survive. Ignore him, and his life spirals out of control. “He might even OD.” Could an ANIMAL UK reader please download the chap and tell us if he writes any incoherent poetry?
An explanation from the creative directors at the ad agency:

We wanted to reach that elusive generation of young, affluent donors, who tend to exist in a world defined by their mobiles. It’s been a complicated process getting live interactive footage onto an app, but doing something that’s never been done before was never going to be easy.

Bah. In New York City, we can just point our cellphones at virtual homeless people to get them off the street. |Video: osocio|