Drop Some Acid On Your Tongue Before Viewing These Language School Ads

06.30.10 Copyranter

Oise Language ads

Hallucinogenic disembodied TongueVertising via DDB Düsseldorf  for Oise Language Coaching. “Precise Pronunciation” is the headline on all three of these ads.

Click the ads and marvel with me at the complete fucked-upness of them. First, tongue catapult is about to launch the word “laugh” at the ear sticking through the castle wall. Catapults aren’t very precise, just sayin’. Next tongue flippers are hoping to score a direct hit on ear bumpers with the word “the.” Lastly, Tongue free-throw shooter is looking to drain the word “Oath” into the aural basket. Making the layouts even more batshit bizarre is that the ears aren’t disembodied…what the fuck is that outfit on the basketball court woman? I thought Germans were steadfastly rational folk. Previously: Brazilian language school wants to teach your kids swear words. |images via: AOTW|