Drop What You’re Doing And Listen To This Feist/Mastodon Interactive Song

07.31.12 Andy Cush

Back in April, erstwhile Broken Social Scene crooner Feist hooked up with Atlanta metal thrashers Mastodon for Feistodon, a Record Store Day-exclusive 7-inch that featured each of the artists covering one of the other’s songs. Despite its fantastic name, Feistodon’s novel but uninspired covers put it well short of revelatory.

That changes with the release of this interactive version of “A Commotion,” which allows you to crossfade between Feist’s original and Mastodon’s cover as you listen. Unbeknownst to anyone, Mastodon recorded their version of the song at the same tempo as the original, a fact that’s exploited to mesmerizing effect here. Sliding the fader all the way to either side allows you to hear either recording on its own, while a sweet spot in the middle makes Brent Hinds and co. into the Canadian chanteuse’s thunderous backing band. It’s awesome.

The accompanying video, though not itself interactive, is great as well. In it, Feist kicks the living shit out of a prim, white room, smashing a violin, setting things on fire, and generally looking menacing. Check it out below.