Durex Big Dick On Campus

05.24.10 Copyranter


Ostensibly to promote safe sex, but really to promote increased fucking, Durex—in collaboration with the Israel AIDS Task Force—recently erected (heh) a giant condom on the campus of Tel Aviv University during Students Day, an annual May event that draws 100,000 horny youngsters.

From the agency press note:

The best way we could think about both helping (the) young crowd realize how important it is to have safe sex, and do it in an interactive way, was to create a unique display by undressing 50 student and bringing them in Durex’s giant condom resembling sperm that can’t go out.

The students should have also smeared white lotion, or some soluble white paint, all over themselves to create a more authentic spermy vision. In for an ounce, in for a gallon. Agency: Obsessive Creative Marketing. As far as condom marketing stunts go, I still prefer Jontex’s “It’s Raining Se(men)” umbrellas. |Video: scary ideas|