Dutch Website Raising Money to Buy Times Square for Art

12.31.09 Will Sherman

tsasA team of Dutch conspirators have launched an attack on the Crossroads of the World, or rather its ads. Times Square to Arts Square hopes to replace the intersection’s millions of dollars worth of billboards with artwork, and not by any illicit action, social engineering, surplus usurping or straight up lying. The project aims to crowdsource enough donations to buy artists a bit of airtime.

Considering the insanely expensive cost, it’s surprising that there’s no clear purpose behind the plans. Not highlighting great talent, reclaiming public space or any semblance of art speak, just “to show how our societies have changed. We’re a networked society and we’re gonna prove it.”


But is there any doubt we’re connected? Enough to bother blowing a bunch of cash to flash art at crowds too mesmerized by the digital cacophony to really care? Probably not, but that won’t hinder the new media evangelists behind the improbable project from building their own social networks and marketing themselves to try and prove it.

Images via Times Square to Art Square