‘Ear Puke’ Would Be A Decent Punk Band Name

03.11.10 Copyranter


And, according to bandname.com, it’s available. AnyRetch, Paris music publication TRAX, “Le magazine des musiques electroniques,” features an ugly, sparse website. While on their even uglier myspace page, your ears are assaulted by a rather terrible French hip-hop track that is apparently titled “Drive-by Music”—which doesn’t seem related to Outerspace’s diddy of the same name.

The tagline on this campaign is “the electro magazine that makes you fussy.” The photography and layouts are OK. You’ve got an ear-barfing girl who can’t take stomach her boyfriend’s/brother’s axe grinding, and an aural-upchucking boy who’s had enough of an American Idol-like contestant. Enjoy the “shocking” ads for now, because I’m sure TRAX ain’t long for this world. By Y&R in Paris. |Images: Coloribus|