Eminem’s New Video Uses the Free Open-Source #RGBDToolkit

11.27.13 Marina Galperina

Holy shit! The new “Rap God” video by very famous mainstream rapper Eminem uses the open-source RGBDToolkit — the hacked DSLRs and Kinect, developed by creative coder James George and photographer Alexander Porter who ANIMAL interviewed earlier this year, in detail.

That’s cool. Right in between The Matrix, the Portal video game and 8 Mile. Alright.

Liars already tapped this aesthetic for a minimal ok music video, but before that, the Unstoppable Death Machines used it for a video but it was bursting with glitches. It was good.

This one’s pretty glitchy.

George and Porter also worked with documentarian Jonathan Minard shoot their experimental documentary on new media and creative coding with the toolkit. Now in post production, the non-linear CLOUDS doc is itself an interactive art work. There’s also a porn film shot with the RGBDToolkit. Good job on being so hip on the open source, Marshall’s people.