End Days: An IRL “Like” Button

09.01.11 Marina Galperina

You want to push it, push it real good. I know. Consider the philosophical implications of this IRL Facebook “Like” button first, before you start cooing over its cleverness. Yes, pressing a physical representation of a button that has become an integral part of all your Internet meanderings would be very, very cathartic. However, this actual machine courtesy of artist Mario Klingemann calibrates nothing — it simply logs the number of times it’s been pressed. It’s a glorified clicker meter. Yet…

It draws you in with familiarity. It calls, “LIKE ME!” With every “click,” the participants of this interactive art project enter a meaningless cycle of pushing a button to push a button. It’s a means to its own end and vice versa. It’s a infinite loop of nothingness. It’s the Black Hole of conceptual art.

It could very well be the Doomsday device. Yes, it’s clever and it’s going to be at the Ultra Social exhibition as a part of the UAMO Festival in Munich.

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