‘Enter the Void’ Will Hurt You

09.27.10 Marina Galperina

Enter the Void With Enter the Void Gaspar Noe made a definitive drug/avant-garde film based the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Last night at the IFC Center he said, “I’m not spiritual.”

Sure he’s not.

You will not like this movie if you…

1) have epilepsy.
2) are straight edge.
3) think that 2 hours 43 minutes of POV floating through sleazy Tokyo aside and inside Bardo/a psychedelic death trip bombarded with emotional anguish, neon and naked Paz de La Huerta doesn’t sound good.

Working with BUF, the best in the special effects biz behind Fight Club Wong Kar-wai’s 2046, and years of controlled recreational experience/research, Gaspar Noe “wanted to make a trippy movie” that looked authentic. So shelf your academic bullshit cinema theories and banal mainstream expectations and see it at IFC. Sit close up.

The US viewers are shortchanged reel #7 (Noe: “the most anguishing”) which was plucked out since Cannes in its entirety. Meh. But we’ll keep you posted when IFC decides to screen the entire thing.