Everybody Is Stuffing Dead Animals Now

03.05.12 Marina Galperina

Taxidermy workshops are the new sewing circles! According to this “Anthropomorphic taxidermy is hot new hobby for New York h…” article anyway. Why? “The reason I did this is because I’ve got a cat getting old and I was thinking maybe, a possibility.” Ahem. What about the ART?

For $60 a workshop, Morbid Anatomy will teach you to turn critter corpses into cutesy dead tableaux, just like the rodent-stuffing pioneer, 19th century Englishman Walter Potter. Or by this point, Steve Carell in Dinner for Schmucks. 

So, hey, if this is the “hot new” thing now, it is my duty to fill the hobbyists with anxiety of influence, as artists have been making awesome anthropomorphic taxidermy for some time now: Like ANIMAL favorite Nate Hill’s New Animals and The Chinatown Garbage Taxidermy Tours, Iris Schieferstein’s whatever the fuck this magnificent horrorshow of heads ‘n’ bits is, Géza Szöllősi’s formaldehyde faux-genital float, and Xiao Yu’s questionably attained fetus-based hybrid. Step it up.