Explaining The Soda Ban, Once And For All

09.10.12 Andy Cush

NYC filmmaker Casey Neistat offers up a nuanced, unbiased explanation of Bloomberg’s proposed “soda ban” in this short documentary for the New York Times. The facts, as Neistat lays them out: under the ban, 7-eleven stores could still sell sodas as large as they’d like, because they’re not regulated by the city, Dunkin’ Donuts could sell large sizes of its popular Coolatta beverages, because there’s a provision for drinks composed of more than 50% milk, and Starbucks is totally in the clear, because customers add the sugar to their drinks, not employees. And, as has been widely reported, grocery stores and convenience stores are exempt, so you can always stick a straw right into a two-liter bottle if you’d like to. Neistat ends on a relatively hopeful note. “People in New York, like people in the rest of America, are fat, getting fatter,” he says. “And, whether or not this ridiculous ban passes, it has forced a conversation about why people are getting fat. And that? That’s a good thing.”

(Image: New York Times)