Eyewitness Details L Train Brawl Aftermath

07.21.11 Bucky Turco

What happened to the baby? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind after watching the clip we posted earlier of two people battling it out on the L train as a baby stroller belonging to one of the women rolls out of the subway car doors. Luckily, straphanger Carolina Miranda has the answers.

She witnessed the pandemonium and gave us a full account of what went down after the vertically-shot video abruptly ended:

The fight started in the video you saw, which was in the car next to mine. Then it stopped for a bit (where the video ends) and then it started up again. People started running out onto the platform and yelling at the conductor to call the cops. The conductor holds the train.

The women then both somehow ended up on the platform and they start shouting to each other again. The woman with the baby was holding onto the stroller and yelling about “if you touch my baby i’ll fuck you up” or something to that effect. The fight started up again and baby is left in the stroller on the platform. People are yelling and running around like Chicken Littles. Baby in the meantime, is in the stroller on the platform. (I can’t see much because I’m inside the train.)

Fight then stumbles into my car, a bunch of us run off the train. Then the fight goes back onto the platform, so a bunch of us get back on the train. The whole time the baby was on the platform about 15 feet away. But again, I couldn’t see exactly what was going on because the fighting was obscuring my view. At some point, the women split up. The mother is on the platform and the woman in white is on my car and they’re screaming at each other. and that’s when the conductor closes the doors to separate them. (I was in the conductor’s car.) Then lady in white starts freaking out and banging on the glass.

They held us in the station for a bit and then pulled away. I presume the mom and her baby remained on the platform. I couldn’t tell. But the lady in white who was in my car kept wigging out. I moved to another car because she seemed pretty out of her mind and I just didn’t want to deal.

While they were fighting there was tons of yelling and running around, so it was hard to totally get a handle on what was going on. There were lots of “fuck” and “the baby” and “call the cops” being yelled. These women were crazy fierce, punching each other, bashing each other’s heads against subway walls and basically chasing each other up and down the car.