Check Out the Faile Arcade

11.27.13 Aymann Ismail

“We grew up going to old arcades,” Patrick Miller of Brooklyn-based art duo Faile tells ANIMAL at their studio in Greenpoint. For their upcoming collaboration with Bast — a pop-up Deluxx Fluxx in Miami (Dec 3-7), the artists gutted, re-loaded and transformed vintage arcade games and pinball machines into a playable, sound-based and sculptural works of art. From Faile tokens to the reworked, art-covered casings to the reprogrammed and specially created games inside, it’s the ultimate tribute to Faile’s childhood. They’re neon, psychedelic and partially influenced by the woodblock-style Faile’s known for. Who wants to shoot down some condominium buildings?

“This is really the Golden Era of these kinds of games, spaces and objects,” Faile tells ANIMAL about old school arcade classics. Their favorite games were Star Wars, 720, Zaxxon, Frogger and Mickey Thompson’s Off Road. “It’s a connection for us to a time and a place. Not only to the games but the whole experience – the environment, the artwork, the lighting, the sense of losing yourself in this world.”

(Video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)