Fake Parking Tickets Ask You to Weigh in On NYPD

11.30.12 Andy Cush

A group of artists has quietly slipping counterfeit parking tickets onto the windshields of cars all over Williamsburg, Flatbush, and Sunset Park. Concerned New Yorkers–the same group behind these “Vote for Mr. Burns” posters and guerilla “Ground Zero Mosque” surveys–believes that by disguising their work as a traffic violation, they’ll be sure to get your attention. And once they have it, they’ll get you to weigh in on the NYPD and its most controversial practices.

Inside the familiar orange envelope the group leaves on cars is a survey, asking New Yorkers their thoughts on stop-and-frisk, bag searches, an surveillance of muslims, what they’d do if appointed police commissioner, and to write a haiku to the NYPD. “Ticketed” people can then send the surveys into the artists, who will post them online, and eventually deliver them to the city.

“We try to use modes of communication that are familiar to people in New York,” said Concerned New Yorkers’ Boris Rasin. “The traffic ticket is a form of communication between the police and the people of the city. You see that and you get this animal response and know that the city just dicked you over.”

(Photos: Concerned New Yorkersrollingrck/Flickr)