Federal Agents Shun Chasing Terrorists to Chase Bloggers Who Make Them Look Foolish Instead

12.31.09 Cajun Boy


Well here’s a little something that should give us all pause…instead of using their time and resources to pursue people looking to blow up planes, representatives from the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) are going after travel bloggers who dare to shed light on their idiotic directives.

Reports Huff Po:

This morning two black sedans with TSA special agents came to the Connecticut home of blogger Steven Frischling and walked out with his laptop computer. They promised to return it, but later claimed that there were “bad sectors” on the drive.

He is not sure when he is going to get it back.

The agents were looking for the anonymous source who leaked a TSA Security Directive which advised airlines to restrict passengers from getting out of their seats, concealing their hands, or accessing carry-on luggage an hour before landing.

The agents threatened to get Frischling — a blogger for KLM airlines — fired from his job, confiscate all his electronic devices — phones, computers, and iPods — and declare him a security risk — which would get him on the No Fly list — unless he cooperated.

Making this even more ridiculous is that the TSA memo in question was sent to about 10,000 airline industry people, so it’s pretty safe to assume that it would have gotten out one way or another. Jesus what an ass-backwards organization.