Female Voina “Impostors” Force-Kiss Policewomen

03.01.11 Marina Galperina

ANIMAL just got word from Voina’s Yana Sarna that the art group Voina, as we know it, had nothing to do with this video of females getting forcefully amorous with metro-riding policewomen, despite the Russian media reporting it as the Voina action Trash Smooching.

The action by “exiled” former members of Voina group was a response to Russian police force changing its official name today.

Yana tells ANIMAL:

Thanks for asking. We have to inform you that the Voina Group has nothing to do with the action engaging young girls kissing female police officers. So “Лобзай мусора” is not ours. Well, you probably guessed it at once. First of all, it’s not an action at all. It’s a weak flesh mob. Second, it just cannot compare with such Voina actions as Dick captured by KGB or Palace revolution. We make massive, monumental art. Besides, it’s obvious that the Voina Group would never kiss policemen. We prefer to fuck them with our 65-meter-Dick!

Well said. The tale of two Voinas continues.

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