FEMEN Bullfight With Cops

07.05.11 Marina Galperina

Ukrainian FEMENistas trespassed into the guarded yard of the Supreme Council of Ukraine today in topless matador outfits, swinging red banners and baiting the police to comically charge at them, all bull-like. The gals were tackled and arrested. FEMEN protested the increase in retirement age for women, because they do not believe it should be equal to men’s. NSFW

Just like when they hauled out the bare-breasted elderly, FEMEN declare that due to unequal wages and housework doubling their workload, retirement age for Ukrainian women shouldn’t be increased from 55 to 60 (like men’s). It’s no surprise that FEMEN’s crazy stew of conservatively-tinged, outrageously performative, so-dubbed “feminism” appeals to angry grannies. Watch the video at 3:30 for their enthusiasm: “They’re standing up for us!” Random dude: “But they’re pandering and clinging on to any cause!” Babushka: “They’re defending us and you’re jailing them! I don’t care how they do it! I don’t care if they do it without underpants!”

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