FEMEN Defend Motherland and Thank Grandmas With Breasts

05.05.11 Marina Galperina

For the upcoming Soviet WWII Victory Day, persistently topless, Ukrainian protest crew FEMEN demonstrate their military readiness next to the Motherland monument and declare, on video, “Breasts are not shameful…

…This our thanks to our grandmothers who gave their lives to defended us!”

They’re “ready to fight” with their “грудь” (breast/chest/heart-place)!

This veteran tribute is followed by FEMEN blog readers’ less-than-chivalrous comments welcoming the arrival of “fresh tits” and discussions of the giant Motherland Calls monument, which, apparently, is very nipply. Groan. Then again, so is Liberty Leading the People and Winged Victory/Nike of Samothrace, whose power “is enhanced by the very fact that the head and arms are missing,” says Wiki. Awkward.

All FEMEN protests on ANIMAL.

(Photos: Sergei Svetlitsky)