FEMEN Fight Cops Topless in Fairy Masks, Something About Cuba?

10.20.11 Marina Galperina

FEMENProtestors from FEMEN are getting increasingly obscure, donning olde Slavic fairy tale masks and trying to break into the presidential palace to oppose Ukraine’s “Russian-Cuban geopolitical course and possible accession to the Customs Union.” Boobs. NSFW.

This one is called Dreamland, declaring “If the president wants to go to the ass of civilization, he should go there and not make his whole state passengers on his trip.” They also had a rhyming slogan about “rolling in to the ass” in reference to a magical Russian ball-shaped gingerbread man who rolls through a forest on a voyage of self-discovery ah damn it just fucking forget it, here:

More video, more screeching, more tits, more arrests:

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