FEMEN Get Extra Raunchy in Poland

09.15.11 Marina Galperina

libyaIn their most NSFW and bizarre bare-breasted protest yet, two of the most familiar faces of Ukrainian activist group FEMEN stood up against the sex-tourism mafia’s exploitation of young Ukrainian women by simulating porny sex in front a press conference in Poland.

Appearing as their EURO-2012 Soccer Game mascot alter egos “Blyadko and Blyadek” (“Slutinka and Slutka?”), the protest duo repeats their faux-lez shtick complete with beer bottle blowjobs and a brief thrusting session over the conference table.

Confused? You’re meant to be disgusted with this obnoxious display of excess. The girls are mocking the “Sex, beer, soccer” mentality of barbaric visiting males. Not sure the point is getting across, however.

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