FEMEN Get Political, Topless: Sh*t Gets Crazy!

12.09.11 Marina Galperina

crazyWonder what Ukraine’s bare-breasted protest crew FEMEN has been up to? Some crazy shit! Here are the latest videos: FEMEN girls fighting off a crowd of gawking, grabby party-members, rallying for Occupy Netherlands and getting tackled outside a church in Russia. NSFW.

Seriously, this is one of the wildest protest reels we’ve seen yet. Watch ’em dive deep into a flag-baring demonstration to stand up against this particular party’s alleged un-democratic bribery practices. Armed with a prop “parasite fumigator,” the girls chant, tussle,  climb the square’s statues and get jeered/leered at by a crowd of mostly young, mostly males. When one of the FEMEN girls is violently dragged off by the police, one of these bros, draped in a flag, totally gropes her (2:51). Classy. The girls have since posted some photos of the back and breast injuries sustained in their arrest.

Next up, a fresh FEMEN Occupy Netherlands solidarity video, with raised fists and ferocious tits against “Fucking Oligarchs!” Does not need my commentary, but yours is welcome:

And, for the gut-wrenching cherry on top of this discomforting sundae: Here is what happened when FEMEN girls protested Russia’s fraudulent elections outside a church in Moscow. You can see them prepping and practicing here. After some topless shouting/soliciting God to take down the “Czar” (Putin, duh), the girls are viciously tackled and straddled by non-uniformed guards. It’s difficult to watch. Watch:

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