FEMEN Hurl Tomatoes With Suggestive Leg-Slingshots

05.11.11 Marina Galperina

Today, Ukrainian FEMENistas forsake their signature topless protest form and, instead, launch mushy fruit at the image of “tyrant” Belorussian prez Lukashenko with their “long-legged slingshots,” suggestively poised in 6 reverse-9 crouches.

If you think that’s porny, no, this is porny.

The self-proclaimed feminists demonstrate acrobatic revenge for the Dec 19, 2010 Belorussian presidential election, a.k.a. “Bloody Sunday,” when Lukashenko had cops beat his opposition and protesters. They also appear to be growing in ranks, at least in their non-nude infantry. (Photos: Yaroslav Develniy) More here.