FEMEN Impersonate Ukraine’s Hottest Politician, Strip in Protest

06.20.11 Marina Galperina

femenThree self-proclaimed “bitches of democracy” from FEMEN dressed up as the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, the stylish as fuck looker Yulia Tymoshenko. In protest against government corruption, they threw money at the police, ripped open their shirts, sang and wailed.

For their latest action It’s Not Bad to be Tymoshenko, FEMEN demonstrated outside a court where a politician is being tried for abuse of office, playing out “the national soap opera” of politics by attempting to “post bail” and “coax cops with breasts and money.” Their message: All politics is theater. All politicians are puppets. The only true opposition is that of the activists who relentlessly continue “to pinch the fat ass of authority.”

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