FEMEN in Joint Venture With a Blog That Lies About FEMEN

08.11.11 Marina Galperina

Here’s a confusing little newsbit on our favorite Ukrainian topless protest crew. The self-dubbed feminists of FEMEN have formed a joint venture with LB.ua, a popular Ukrainian news and celebrity blog and launched the entertainment channel Like.LB.ua, even breaking out into a boob-filled photo shoot to celebrate (NSFW, below). Only a few weeks ago they were tearing open their jean bikinis to protest unethical journalist practices and now the FEMENistas are lending full frontal support to a journalistic hub that published false reports about their alleged support for Putin.

Said article even comes with shitty Photoshop, with LB.ua having snagged photos from the gals old tribute action to concentration camp emancipators and changed their signs to read “I Rip for Putin,” of the infamously ridiculous, cleavage-strutting “Army of Putin” campaign stunt that encourages pretty girls to “rip something” for the Prime Minster, wink wink. FEMEN hate Putin and have repeatedly protested Putin with “You Can’t Fuck Us” actions and breasty threats.

Supposedly, the gals are starving and survive on donations from DJ Hell and Western fans, but coupled with rumors about secret political and/or corporate sources of their funds, this hypocritical venture doesn’t do much for FEMEN’s desired image as independent feminist rebel-rousing protestors.

FEMEN’s response: “LB long time ago apologized for the mistake with the photo. There is nothing wrong when FEMEN has the ability to implement its activities in other areas, and there is nothing wrong if the movement will make money on the development of the femen – store, donations, site development, but fully renouncing dirty political money.”

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