FEMEN in Paris: A Fetish Maid Protest at Strauss-Kahn’s House

10.31.11 Marina Galperina

Have you heard? The blondest of the FEMEN girls are on a Euro Tour. This stop right here is “a sex-assault” at the front doors Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s house in Paris. “Armed with buckets, mops, rags and other tools for cleaning off shit” the girls went all video girl over there, protesting against the political influence DSK Bank.

After they defending “Beautiful France” with chants and poses and “shaming” the sleazy geezer who’s “the symbol of lawless, arrogant rapists and the lust and hypocrisy of the male political ‘elite,'” FEMEN happily pointed out that unlike the Ukrainian coppers who grab, drag and shove ’em in their vans asap, the French police politely stood by while they finished out their protest. Even cheered.

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Here’s 20 seconds of shame: