FEMEN Is Coming to Russia for Putin

10.08.10 Marina Galperina


The panties and pouts for Putin Calendar-gate is out of control! LiveJournal praised Moscow U’s lingerie calendar for “best tits in politics” and mocked the Ukrainian bare-breasted feminist collective FEMEN as “unintelligible and flat,” so FEMEN made this NSFW video.

Wednesday, FEMEN wrote: “We’re the guard bitches of democracy, not some glossy little bitches of erotic calendars.” Today, they released a video diss of the “crap” calendar with the “how can you do a calendar without tits?” demonstrative gestures. “I think Russia is hot and ready,” the representative giggles wrathfully. “Wait for us, Moscow. FEMEN is coming to Russia!”

In case you’re wondering about the teddy bear, it’s a hello to the president: “Privet Medved!” Medved being a bastardization of the word bear/Russia’s own O RLY-esque bear meme/Medvedev’s nickname. That’s the best theory I got.