FEMEN Protest Topless on Top of a Police Van

08.16.11 Marina Galperina

FEMENThe “bitches of democracy” from FEMEN are back, climbing a police prisoner transport vehicle to once again expose their breasty angst over “false” corruption charges filed against Ukraine’s hottest politician Yulia Tymoshenko. Shortly after, cops roughly dragged the girls down… by dragging down their pants.

Kiev’s police force has had lots of practice arresting and allegedly stalking the screeching sirens, yet, this is how they manhandle the simple situation – with a hand down the pants. Charming.

Femen have previously protested in support of chic chick Tymoshenko by dressing up as her, stripping, singing and making it rain Ukrainian currency.

When asked why they choose to endorse politicians and products while attempting to project the image of a fully independent crew, FEMEN told us they can do whatever they want, as long as they keep “renouncing dirty political money.” No clue on whether McDonald’s paid them for the product placement…

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