FEMEN Protest Zoo Cruelty by Throwing Meat, Flashing Kids

10.27.11 Marina Galperina

zooThe animals at Kiev’s ZooPark are dropping dead from malnourishment, cold and lack of care. To protest the “corrupt scum” running the place, Ukrainian protest crew FEMEN climbed the entrance, disrobed, threw bloody meat and got into a fight with the guards. NSFW.

The situation is a little complicated and just closing the zoo and transferring the surviving animals may not solve the larger issue, but it’s a valiant cause indeed. Hope that visiting grade school class learned a lesson.

Wearing paper masks of dead animal victims and brandishing Cyrillic signs “ZooMorgue” and “Zoo Ghetto” as well as some in, erm, English — “Fuking Killers” and “Slaughten Park” — the girls’ protest eventually wound down to scuffling with uniformed dudes as they scaled the gates, all slippery from beefy blood, red paint, guts and snouts. Screams. Shutter snaps. Righteous catchphrase!

“FEMEN calls for the empty cages of Kiev ZooPark to be filled with a world exclusive exhibit of the bipedal monsters guilty of committing this zoo catastrophe!”

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