FEMEN to Putin: ‘You Can’t F*ck Us!’

10.28.10 Marina Galperina


While Russia’s Prime Minister Putin visited Kiev to keep Russia guzzling at Ukraine’s natural gas teat, FEMEN threw him a topless protest. Then they were almost arrested again. Here’re the NSFW photos and cop confrontation video.

Despite the cold and the snow, the Ukrainian activists bared their breasts by a statue of Lenin and took a nipply stand against Russia’s parasitical exploitation of Ukraine’s resources. They breastfed fake babies. They held up signs: “The Kremlin Trolls Aren’t Getting Any,” “You Can’t Fuck Us” and “We Don’t Bend Over This Easily.” Then they tore up said signs.

Four hours later they were ambushed near a cafe by a swarm of cops who attempted to drag them away, but FEMEN gave them hell. “Get your hands off me!” shouts soon turned into FEMEN huddling together and hollering a “Hell no! We won’t go!” type chant. Eventually, the cops gave up and left. The end.

Hey ladies! It’s not too late to dress up as your favorite activists. And gents: We got your Putin covered as well. Check our Epic Rusky Halloween How To and do it to it.