FEMEN Vandalize Government Flower Beds, Get Bagged by Cops

08.25.11 Marina Galperina

femenIn their latest topless protest action, the “bitches of democracy” from FEMEN sabotaged the 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union by wildly attacking flower beds outside a government building in Kiev with a lawn mover, sickles and sticks. NSFW.

See ’em come plowing down the hill, disfiguring the “20 years of independence”-shaped flower bushes into “20 years of dependence” for all the alleged “vandalism and looting” of the people by the authorities, specifically the imprisonment of Ukraine’s hottest politician, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Watch as the police catch and drag away the protestors and shove Inna Shevchenko into a black body bag, presumably to keep the coppers from coping a feel (again) and/or subdue the squealing gal. No such luck.

Four were arrested. One escaped. The captured face charges of damaging government property.

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