FEMEN’s Topless Homeless Beg for Urkaine

10.21.10 Marina Galperina

Ukraine’s activist troupe FEMEN is keeping busy. In their latest provocation, topless, scuffed and tattered Jenya of FEMEN manhandled and begged metro commuters to spare some change for Ukraine’s national debt and posed next to drunk-napping vagrants. (NSFW)

One girl vs. 32 billion dollars o’ debt? Proportionally, US would need a topless army.

Earlier this week, FEMEN “stormed” a fashion show with “Models, Don’t Go to Borthels” and “Podium of the Meat Vendors” signs to fist pump and raise awareness of sexual exploitation within the modeling industry of former Soviet countries. Well, not so much “stormed” as cat-walked along. Quit exaggerating.

Photos: FEMEN