FEMEN’s Topless Mock Self-Immolation Against Prostitution

09.27.11 Marina Galperina

femenUkrainian protest crew FEMEN protested the Euro soccer games by pouring something on themselves out of a gas bucket and wielding DIY flame throwers at hired goons protecting the Olympic Stadium… just after teen monks self-immolated for Tibet. NSFW.


The cultural sensitivity-challenged but fiesty FEMENistas were following up on their mega-raunchy anti-prostitution protest/porny show in Poland and, as per usual, got dragged off screeching by the coppers, who are much less intimidating than the premises’ black-clad security. Those dudes are damn scary.

 The idea behind this protest is very simple. UEFA isn’t doing anything in order to quell the notion that Ukraine is prostitution hotbed, and this in a sense is not simply demoralizing Ukraine but also burning its core values. More so, there are those within the ranks of UEFA that are encouraging the concept that Ukraine is in fact a brothel, hence it is further burning Ukraine.

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