FEMEN’s Topless Portrait Wins the World Press Photo-2012

02.10.12 Marina Galperina

Out of hundreds of thousands, Guillaume Herbaut’s photograph of FEMEN’s 21-year-old topless self-proclaimed feminist protestor was selected as one of the winners of the World Press Photo-2012 competition. Not this one. The one of Inna Shevchenko, more nude, with a power fist up. Remember her? We Skyped that one time? Yeah. See more from the NSFW series right here.

Herbaut has been one of my favorites from  the Oeil Public days, and it’s no wonder that he achieves that delicate balance of transparently provocative yet dignified, in a clean, documentary style, but gawk away anyway.

Stay tuned to ANIMAL for all your FEMEN news and keep up with the cop-fighting, jet-setting, Vatican Mass-crashing, Paris Hilton attacking, Chernobyl hopping, very raunchy, fountain bathing beauties who bare their front at the front of politics and women’s rights.

We may not see eye to eye on all issues, but after that police torture incident, this is nice. The girls do take a good portrait, don’t they?