Finger Implants, Smile Prostheses and Robots: Talk to Me, MoMA

07.26.11 Marina Galperina

It’s like Pee Wee’s Playhouse for brilliant geniuses at MoMA’s special exhibit Talk To Me, rounding up a whopping 194 communication-themed works, interfaces, devices and visualizations. There’s a finger implant that reads aloud into an ear implant, a plastic wide-open-mouth prosthesis for awkward mumblers, a Muslim prayer robo-rug that lights up neon when facing Mecca and so much more, oooaghgh…

Check out “projects that establish an emotional, sensual, or intellectual connection with their users,” from the ’60s to the present with neat stuff from Post Secret and ANIMAL favorites Eric Fischer’s maps, Aram Bartholl’s Dead Drops and Evan Roth’s Graffiti Taxonomy. “Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects,” Jul 24 – Nov 7, MoMA, NYC