Five Things: Balloon Saloon

06.20.12 Laura Perlongo & Blaise Cepis

Found it: 133 West Broadway (between Thomas and Duane) New York, NY 10013

Mood at the Curb: ‘Today sucks. The train took forever, it’s muggy, and these inflatable pool toys are blocking the fucking sidewalk and calling themselves balloons. Maybe a real balloon will cheer us up.’

Inside: Balloon Saloon’s owner Sharon, pictured above. Says people like her shit.

1. Welp, they certainly have a bunch of shit.
2. Buncha cool balloons.
3. Pussies for the young, pussies for the dumb.
4. It’s a one-stop shop for closeted bug munchers.
5. The Pug balloon, Balloon Saloon’s most popular balloon, as inexplicably popular as the actual Pug dog.

Stay tuned for five more things in seven more days.