Five Things: Mud, Sweat & Tears Pottery

06.13.12 Laura Perlongo & Blaise Cepis

Found it: 654 10th Ave (at 46th st) New York, NY 10036

Why we kneaded to go in: ‘good pun’

Inside: Bob, pictured above and owner for 15 of Mud, Sweat & Tears’ 25 year residency in the once seedy Hell’s Kitchen, has been protected by proxy of pimps and drug dealers protecting their goods. Now, Bob protects every drug dealers’ right to hand make a beautiful and personal drug-protecting vessel. (See also: pottery with lid.)

1. Like any creative concept store, ideas with legs are greatly appreciated and compensated for. (classes available)
2. There’s no such thing as a perfect pot, there is such thing as a perfect potter.
3. Fan rust matches popular pottery glaze color. Cool.
4. Supports all types of creative expression including musicals and pregnancy.
5. By the end of its journey, Bob said this pile of wet shit will be an inside joke for a theater group and will have purple lips.

Bob’s been planning something! Join Mud, Sweat & Tears next Friday, June 22nd around 7pm for their student art show, booze and pot fest. No really though, pay ’em a visit. Bob and Sue are incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable about everything from kilns to actors to hookers to history to neighborhood cupcake store owners.

Stay tuned for five more things in seven more days.