Five Things: The Baroness

07.11.12 Laura Perlongo & Blaise Cepis

Found it: 530 E 13th St (between Avenue A & Avenue B)

Why we went in: Latex? Why yes! Maybe we should spice up our professional working relationship.

Inside: The Baroness, pictured above in a picture hanging in her eponymous shop, likes having her picture taken on Thursdays. Today, however, is Tuesday.

1. Got her hand though.

2. Latex for the everyday gal. Latex for these people.

3. The Baroness, dressing room expert, makes sure you look skinny and have room for both a lover and cat while you try it on.

4. This horrible cat speaks French.

5. Life expectancy for an American woman: 81Life expectancy for an American dominatrix: um, ?

Bonus: It’s important to note that latex can be worn in proximity of real life, non-latex wearing squares. The Baroness is very encouraging of this behavior so her designs range from pastel pencil skirts to custom stuff for people who suck at sex parties.

Stay tuned for five more things in seven more days.