Fox News Person Maintains Network’s Maligned Integrity

05.25.11 Bucky Turco

When it comes to country’s first black president, even Fox Business wants in on the overt racism its parent network encourages and so contributor Eric Bolling was more than happy to oblige via Twitter. He characterized Obama’s overseas trip thusly: “Obama chugging 40’s in IRE (Ireland) while tornadoes ravage MO (Missouri).”

Because that’s what thugs do after all. To be fair (and balanced), he did kick back a Guinness, but that sounds awfully commonplace and similar to things white people like, so it needed some spicing up. I’m just glad that Bolling left out their part where POTUS rocks a doo-rag, rolls blunts, and smacks bitches up.

But not to worry. Now that President Obama and the First Lady traveled to England and were served expensive wine, Fox can shift gears and get back to him being an elitist instead.