Free Story Ideas for Reporters Working the Walmart Beat

01.11.11 Lauri Apple

As someone who’s written about Walmart and labor issues on and off over the years, and who’s read books and articles about the big-box retailer’s business practices, I’ve identified some tactics the company regularly uses to ingratiate itself with the public and get its stores approved.

If we’re lucky, they’ll try out some of their smooth, hoodwinky moves in NYC. A few things to look out for as the company’s NYC-centric PR campaign gets underway:

OK hardscrabble muckrakers, get to work. If you follow up on any of these topics, strike gold, and win a Pulitzer, make sure to credit Animal during the awards speech. As for the rest of you, read this new report (PDF doc) that talks about how Walmart kills three jobs for every two it creates and basically just ruins life for everyone.