Freemasons Wants To Topple Religion Or At Lest Reduce Its Influence On Europe

02.19.10 Bucky Turco

800px-TramStrasbourg_ParlementEuropéen5 One of the guardians of Lucifer, King Solomon’s Temple, and some pretty nifty aprons isn’t happy about the increasing role religious groups are playing in the European Union and is looking to open an office in Brussels to start lobbying against them. The Former Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France, Jean-Michel Quillardet, said that some members of the fraternal order are “shy” about establishing an office in the EU capital, but ultimately, it might be the only way to ensure a progressive future:

I think we will one day manage to create a general masonic delegation, for the sake of free-thinking in the European institutions.

He also says something that would probably makes conspiracy theorists shudder:

It is necessary to impose the universal idea of the Enlightenment, which consists of the notion that people are citizens and European citizens before being Jewish, black, Maghreb, homosexual, heterosexual.

Maybe “impose” was the wrong word, but for all its worth, he does have a point here, after all, one of the EU’s most important buildings was totally inspired by ancient architecture:

We told him that apart from its Christian roots, Europe owed much to Greek and Roman philosophy, Renaissance humanism and the Enlightenment. We obtained representation for masonic orders and for groups which defend secularism in Bepa,” he said, in reference to the Bureau of European Policy Advisers, a high-level policy analysis unit in the EU commission.

Could you imagine the uproar this would cause if Freemasons in the U.S. openly started lobbying against religious groups here? Get out the pitchforks and gasoline! |EU Observer|