Further Proof That the Music Industry Is Basically Run By Retards

12.16.09 Cajun Boy


Back in September, we mocked and ridiculed ASCAP and BMI for seeking to charge consumers each time they previewed a song by listening to the 30-second previews provided by sites like iTunes. Now music industry executives, the fucksticks at Capital Records to be precise, are taking retardation to the next level by suing Vimeo for “copyright infringement” over the “lip-dub” videos posted to the site.

Reports Newteevee:

The complaint states that Vimeo “induces and encourages its users to upload…audiovisual works,” which it then disseminates virally throughout the Internet. According to Capitol Records, the company’s staff actively participates in “making, selecting, commenting on, and at times choosing to delete” audiovisual works, including those featuring its own copyrighted recordings.

Now here’s the thing…yes, Vimeo is kind of known as a place where people post lip-dub videos, but you know what…I’ve actually purchased music, like with real money, after being introduced to it via a stupid lip-dub video, as have others I’m sure, just like I and many others have purchased music after being able to listen to a preview online or at a listening kiosk in a music store. If some teenager dons a wig and dances silly around their bedroom while lip-syncing a song and then posts it online where it reaches a million sets of eyes and ears that might not have had contact with the song otherwise, that’s some free fucking advertising and promotion right there! It’s what anyone with merely a thimble full of internet marketing “gets it” factor knows as “going viral,” and its a phenom that people stay up nights trying to figure out a magic formula for, and here you have other people basically doing this legwork for you FOR FREE and in turn you want to sue them?!?!?!

Keep on killing yourselves softly music industry executives. Enjoy your slow, painful, self-inflicted deaths. Fucking idiots.