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10.25.13 Marina Galperina

Jerry Saltz does not like Banksy, but that didn’t stop the famous New York art critic from posing next to Banksy’s pissing dog stencil, from Day 3 of this Better Out Than In “residency.” There was something so seductive in his enthusiastic disapproval, we had to meme it. Download your Jerry Saltz Pointing at Things PSD file right here courtesy Kyle Petreycik. Submit something good (Tweet at us, comment or email marina@animalnewyork.com) and we’ll post it.

Here’s what Jerry Saltz wrote about Banksy — one of the many things he wrote, said on camera and told various news channels about Banksy:

Banksy — the street artist as bankable brand, the master showman — to me is Mr. Meh. His black silhouette figures, surreptitiously painted on walls around the city, strike me as formulaic tweaked political cartooning, and anarchy-lite. Media hype, pseudopunk agitprop, design, advertising, a fun sideshow.


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(Image: Jerry Saltz/Facebook, Photoshop: Kyle Petreycik, Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)