‘Giant’ Folding?

05.29.09 Bucky Turco

nick-giant A very reliable source in the magazine industry tells ANIMAL that Giant is folding after its July issue, citing abysmal ad sales. If true, this would be the second magazine that Smokey Fontaine* ruined—he was the Editor-in-Chief of America back when Dame Dash could still afford a Range Rover and helped drive that book into the ground too. This would also indicate that the attack letters allegedly sent out by rival rag XXL were either really effective or highly predictive. Either way, maybe that explains putting this funeral-home-ready shot of Nick Cannon mourning on the cover of what could be the last issue.

*Although Smokey is not the current Editor-in-Chief—he’s the Content Editor for its parent company Radio One—the dude was responsible for dramatically changing the face of the magazine (for the worse).