GIF Wrapping Exchange:
Happy Net Art Holidays!

12.12.13 Marina Galperina

Hey, digital artists. Want to participate in netartnet’s “yearly secret-Santa style GIF-exchange?” Sign up for GIF Wrapping by tomorrow.

A few dozen artists will be taking part; each artist will be randomly assigned another artist for whom they create a GIF. Once all the participants have been confirmed you will receive the name of your GIF recipient. Then begin internet stalking to find out what they might want; create and email your GIF to gifwrapping@netartnet.net by December 21.

Last year’s gif exchange is viewable now on the GIF Wrapping site. Participating artists will receive their gif via unique URL on the 23rd. Once they open the GIF, it will be publicly available on the refreshed GIF site.

What are you going to get? Something good?

Something bad?

Something frog?